Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy (belated) Veteran's Day!

Happy day after Veteran's Day everyone! I would have updated yesterday, but I was too busy building a couch fort and watching episodes of Star Trek. Today, I will give my special thanks to veterans in my family for all the things they've done.

First, I would like to thank my brother-in-law, John. John is a member of the Coast Guard Reserve, and has done a tour in Iraq as well as guarded the base at Guantanamo. Whenever I tell people John is in the Coast Guard, they say, "Don't they rescue drunk people on their yachts?" Clarification: that is the Coast Guard, not the Coast Guard Reserves. Although John could rescue you from drowning on your yacht, he would probably choose not to because you are being an idiot.

The Coast Guard Reserves symbol has, in my opinion, needed an update for a long time. The current symbol is as follows:And the re-imagined version is as follows:One of my favorite relatives that fought in the Korean war is my great uncle Dick. He's the kind of guy that used to ride motorcycles, works at a gun range, went on safari's in Africa, and drinks scotch like a man. He looks something like this:Note: Mustaches that you see here are smaller than they appear in real life (true story).

Other relatives I know that have served are my cousin Elizabeth, who is working as a midwife, my uncle Mal, former navy, and my grandfathers Richard, navy, and Richard, army. Thank you all for your time serving our country! And I'm glad you all survived so I could get to meet you and find out what incredible people you all are.

Anyway, enjoy your rainy, Northwest weekend! Get out in the torrential downpour and do something fun!

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  1. thanks for the shout-out! Few updates: I am out of the reserves now, and the insignia you posted is from my unit (PSU 313). The USCGR symbol is way more lame.