Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lauren's First Christmas

I promise, my New Year's resolution will be to update more and be even more hilarious. Sorry, end of the quarter means I actually do work in the office, or I get bored and watch movies....

In other news, I will be starting a new job on Monday! YAY!! I'm going to start working at Uneeda Burger in Fremont, which is a burger restaurant that uses organic, grass-fed, local, kobe-beef and fancy ass cheeses. It should be fun, and I feel kind of fancy, even though I'm working at a burger place.

Anyway, here is my Christmas poem to everyone, punctuated with pictures from my first Christmas.

Gather your family 'round the fire,
And spread some Christmas cheer!
Let's all sing songs and celebrate,
The best time of the year!We're all darning our Christmas best,
In matching dresses and bows.
And mother calms the oldest child,
Whose fierce fists, are getting thrown.Santa Claus, like grandpapa,
will spread the Christmas cheer.
And Lauren laughs and laughs too hard,
She wet the sofa, it appears.The dog has run, and jumped and sprung,
Through every shrub and tree.
And her hard work and a Remington,
Will provide us all with Christmas feast.Soon to bed, but first, a drink!
We raise our glasses high.
The baby had too much, again,
Her hangover comes nigh.And to our soft, warm beds, we go!
To lay our weary heads!
Thinking of what St. Nick will bring,
Dear God, I hope we'll get new threads!And in the morn, we spring awake,
To the tree, we dash!
Good Santa brought us hunting gear!
To match our full, red stache!What luck did bring us sweaters again!
Knit at home, in a yarn torrent.
And mother and daughter, both alike,
Can appreciate this design so abhorrent.And little baby Lauren,
Got what she wanted too.
A bauble for Bauble, a Christmas delight!
A lamb on a string, from Santa, to you!Merry Christmas everyone!

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